Incorporated Synod Of The Diocese Of Toronto
Toronto, ON

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(416) 363-6021
135 Adelaide St E, Toronto ON, M5C1L8

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Diocesan programs are focused on 3 areas: making Anglican life seeker friendly; creating distinct & supportive ministries which respond to and reflect the diversity of our society; advocating Christ's message to help guide social policy and social realities. These 3 strategies are designed to bild communities of hope. This work takes place primarily in the 183 parishes in the Diocese. The role of the Incorporated Synod of the Diocese is to enable this work by providing a governance structure, episcopal leadership and a common voice for the Diocese, particularly for issues of homelessness and other issues that affect the marginalized. The Diocese provides ministry consultants to work with parishes to help them develop effective ministry strategies. Through our contributions to our National Church body, support is provided to overseas missions and to help support ministry in the north. The Diocese is exploring new models of ministry and planting new churches that are adapted to the areas in which they are located.