Charitable Organization

Église Renaissance De Sherbrooke/Renaissance Church Of Sherbrooke

Quebec, QC

Religion and spiritualityInternational

Sunday religious services (Protestant). Weekday Bible studies and prayer meetings. Ministry to students at the University of Sherbrooke and Bishop's University. Student ministry house at Bishop's University and the Universityof Sherbrooke. Conducting religious events for students on campus. Holding sutdent religious retreats. Sending students on humanitarian mission trips around the world. Starting new churches and student ministries in Quebec and training leaders to leaders to lead these churches.

Organizing a disaster relief trip to Puerto Rico and Houston to help in theclean up efforts after the hurricane of 2017.

Program areas

Description% of emphasis
Places of worship, etc.75
Social outreach & fellowship25

*% of emphasis is reported by the charity and does not necessarily reflect money spent.

Revenue and expenses