Canadian Hearing Society / Societe Canadienne De L'ouie
Toronto, ON

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Contact: Pam Feldman
271 Spadina Road, Toronto ON, M5R2V3

Trusted since 1940, the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) provides industry-leading programs, products and services to people who are Deaf and hard of hearing to ensure barrier-free access, independence and increased quality of life. Unique in North America, the Canadian Hearing Society offers a continuum of support and solutions, including mental health and hearing care counselling, audiology, employment and training, interpreting services, captioning, communication devices and hearing aids.

In 2017, the Canadian Hearing Society introduced two new innovative programs. The first is the National Scholarship Program, designed to help break down barriers to higher education and build brighter futures for Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians. The second was the expansion of sales of communication devices to an estimated 350,000 Quebec residents.