Charitable Organization

Canada Comforts Society

Sooke, BC

Outreach and welfareYouth/children

The charity makes or purchases items for distribution to needy children around the world, including the following: makes children's clothing-girls dresses, boys shorts; purchases boyt T-shirts and girls panties which are attached to and distributed along with the shorts and dresses; purchases babies' diapers; make knitted teddy bears, each with its own cloth carry bag made by the charity; makes knitted baby togues and other baby clothes. -The charity makes and distributes medical supplies to hospitals and health care practitioners around the world, including the following: makes knitted blankets; makes knitted "birthing cloths". -The volunteers include a "core group" of 32 adults (men and women aged 48 to 94) from the Southern Vancouver Island area, who meet weekly to cut and sew children's clothing; do quality control checks on teddy bears and other items knitted by volunteers at home; roll bandages etc. In addition, volunteers in 52 Satellite groups across the country (of 3-30 persons per group) and individuals knit and sew for the charity.

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