Burnaby Lyric Opera Society
Vancouver, BC

Arts and cultureYouth/children

Charity information

Contact: LindaMarie James
(604) 626-9995
1104 - 1755 14th Ave W, Vancouver BC, V6J2J6

Burnaby Lyric Opera is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mandate is to present talented young opera singers from the Province of BC in leading roles in the standard opera repertoire. BLO further pays its opera singers under contract according to the Canadian Actor's Equity Association standard fee schedule. As there are few opportunities for these singers to perform solo roles in major opera productions, the company fills a crucial function in providing these opportunities, as well as bringing cultural, entertaining events into the community and providing for a variety of related artists from the community. Burnaby Lyric Opera provides entertaining performances for a public that does not continually wish to pay high prices for large opera productions. This provides the community of Burnaby and surrounding communities of the Lower Mainland the opportunity to see and hear the up-and-coming opera singers of the future at very reasonable prices. As BLO is an entirely volunteer organization, all monies received by BLO go directly into its production and therefore into the community.