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Builders Without Borders Foundation/Fondation Batisseurs Sans Frontieres

Vancouver, BC

InternationalEducation and research

Haiti Lakay Trade School Construction Project -The project is currently 50% complete but work on the project was minimal as there is a need to raise further funds. The school is comprised of two 2-storey buildings totalling 2,000 sq metres of floor space to accomodate 200 students. It is hoped that funds will be raised, and construction completed early in 2019. The Nepal Project-The Project was successfully completed in 2017 with the Nepal Governement approval of the "Illustrated Guidelines for Construction of Stone Masonry Houses" prepared by BWB and BCIT, and with subsequent printing and distribution of approximately 2,000 copies by UN Development Programme and currently ongoing instruction classes, also run by the UNDP. Bella Bella Project (Heliltsuk First Nation) -BWB been engaged to advise on project management, construction and logistics for the construction of eight "tiny homes" (384 sq ft) on the island of Bella Bella. The work will be carried out in close cooperation with the Heiltsuk First Nation and UBC. The project is fully supported by funding acquired by the Heiltsuk First Nation with some assistance from UBC, and is anticipated to be completed in 2018.

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Disaster/ War relief100

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