Charitable Organization

British Columbia Lymphedema Association

North Vancouver, BC

HealthEducation and research

Maintenance of website and monthly Newsletter to provide information for members and enhance daily self management of the disease. Ongoing membership drive to strengthen the organization. Preparation of material for the national magazine publication which is sent to all members on a quarterly basis. Responding to information line calls plus providing information, mailing resources across the province. Supporting members in locating resources & advocating on their behalf. A BCLA board member participate in the cross-Canada quarterly conference calls which unite the provinces in sharing research & new developments in the management of Lymphedema.

We have established 7 Member support Groups across the province whihc are co-ordinated through the organization. We are building partnerships with organizations around the province in preparation for presenting a series of information workshops starting in 2018. Two directors attended the National Conference in Montreal to enhance the information & resources that can be shared with BC members.

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