British Columbia Borstal Association
Vancouver, BC

HealthOutreach and welfare

Charity information

(604) 879-3224
554 21st Ave W, Vancouver BC, V5Z1Y6

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The British Columbia Borstal Association provides crime prevention services in order to protect and enhance public safety. Our two primary services include (1) therapeutic treatment of complex trauma and post traumatic stree disorder, significant precursor to most mental health issues, addition and criminal behavior. Our team supports any population, age, race, gender etc as a means of early intercention (2) we operate a residential rehabilitation and risk management program for persons under conditional release from our Federal and/or Provincial correctional institutions, including prelease in-reach. Our rehabilitation center partners with Aboriginal drug treatment programs locally to enhance our service provisions to meet these (...) individual's specific needs.

Our BC Trauma Care program remains relatively new with new partners engaging our services regularly. Our team currently support local schools, police networks, corrections and our community courts. In addition, we provide community training in trauma comprehension, identification, prevention and aftercare.