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Action Cancer Du Sein Du Québec - Breast Cancer Action Québec

Montreal, QC

HealthEducation and research

In all our public education work we educate about environmental toxins linked to breast cancer; widespread exposures to cancer hazards; current cancer research, treatment and services. We advocate policies that would decrease the amount of toxins in our environment; allocate more research money to help find the environmental causes of breast cancer. We organize campaigns encouraging other breast cancer organizations and communities to join the fight for prevention of the disease. Our staff and volunteers give interactive workshops focusing on the risk of environmental exposures and the primacy of prevention. The Prevention and Action against Cancer and Toxicants(PACT)project is an education and awareness initiative aimed at sensitizing members of various communities to the dangers of toxicants in consumer products. PACT seeks to encourage the community to take action so that these toxicants are eliminated from consumer products. High School Curriculum Health Connections:Young People Connecting with their Environment and Communities-this curriculum eveolved from the Youth Program and continues to be developed, evaluated and adapted based on the lessons learned and the specifics of the teen groups. This year, the Health Connection curriculum focused on the complex issues of endocrine disrupting chemicals on our helath and the environment. (...)

We follow and educate on emerging breast cancer issues including new treatments, important side effects, overdiagnosis and many other issues.

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