Bishopric Of Public, Ecumenical And Social Services (Bless Canada)
Toronto, ON

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(416) 756-0996
P.O. Box 92240, Toronto ON, M1W3Y9

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1.Sponsoring a family; providing monthly aid to hundreds of families living in extreme hardship. 2. Dispenses aid to hundreds of chronically ill individuals, and a variety of medical treatments including surgeries, support treatment for livers diseases e.g. virus B & C, kidney dialyses hospitalizations, medications, laboratory tests and x-rays (medical assistance) 3. Educations: providing aids for students for their education fees. 4. Housing: Provide housing for the homeless. 5. Helping other charities. 6. Aids education to youth and teens about the danger of aids, prevention and protection. 7. Anti-drug program: provides prevention, education for youth and families about the dangers of drugs, training of leaders, provides addiction treatment in the rehabilitation center. 8. 23 Educational sessions through 2017 in preparatory & educational sessions in fifteen preparatory and secondary schools and youth groups. 9. 110 students were graduated from the Best Life Training Center in Egypt during 2017. After studying 1 year, practicing with groups of teens, participating in different types of workshops & visiting rehabilitation centers, the graduates were engaged with youth group & school students to educate them about dangers of drugs & how to protect themselves from it. 10.The anti-drug program also established 2 new departments.a.After Care: To care & follow up with every patient who finishes the Rehabilitation to prevent his relapse. b.Research: To search & collect & i...

In 2017: 1. Support 80 families monthly. 2. Support 200 poor students with stationary & school clothes. 3. Services of anti-drug program included a. The annually training conference was on psychological health. b. A big study was done about the relation between the psychological problems & addiction. These new programs may be on going starting next year, 2018.