Birthright Israel Foundation Of Canada / La Fondation Birthright Israel Du Canada
Toronto, ON

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Contact: Chaia Berkowitz
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Founded in 1999, Taglit - Birthright Israel is a one-of-a-kind peer group, educational experience in Israel for young Jewish adults. Our mission is to create opportunities for participants to explore their Jewish identity, strengthen their connection to Israel and reinforce the solidarity of the Jewish people worldwide.

The program is offered as a gift, without any charge to the participants, who are between the ages of 18 and 32.

Taglit - Birthright Israel is strongly committed to the culture of inclusivity and is serving young Jewish adults from all backgrounds, every level of personal experience, and every dimension of contemporary Jewish life. Through the unique environment of interactive and experiential learning, participants are engaged in meaningful dialogues and intellectually stimulating discussions between their peers from around the world and Israel. They are also immersed in Judaism’s core values of unity, community and mutual responsibility.

Extensive research confirms that the Taglit - Birthright Israel experience is often the start of an ongoing Jewish journey for the participants. It propels alumni toward greater commitment to Jewish values, as well as motivates involvement within communal life at home and with Israel. We have made hundreds of thousands of young Jewish adults around the world excited to be Jewish.

Birthright Israel Foundation of Canada raises funds to support Taglit - Birthright Israel, the most widely recognized, successful and innovative Jewish identity, education and engagement program in the world. The Foundation's mission is to build and expand financial support to ensure that the gift of Taglit - Birthright Israel is and will be available to more and more Canadian young Jewish adults today and for years to come. It is our goal to ensure the gift of Taglit - Birthright Israel continues to strengthen Jewish continuity.

Every donation creates an impact and is a contribution to the vibrancy of the Jewish people!