Bible Centered Fellowship Inc
Toronto, ON

Religion and spiritualityEducation and researchYouth/children

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594 Mcroberts Avenue, Toronto ON, M6E4R7

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>Conduct Prayer Meeting on Thursdays at BCF Church. >Conduct Regular Worship Services on Sundays and Good Friday at BCF Church. >Conduct Baptism Class for new members of the congregation at BCF Church. >Conduct Bible Studies on Fridays at BCF Church or on rotation to church member residence. >Conduct Adult Sunday School Class at BCF Church. >Conduct Teens Group at BCF Church. >Conduct Children Sunday School Class at BCF Church during Sunday Worship Service. >Teach, Train and Practice the Praise & Worship Leaders on Saturdays at BCF Church. >Practice generous giving to mothers, fathers & families on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Single's Day, Family Day, Harvest Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Celebration at BCF Church. >Practice Choir on Sundsays for Worship Service at BCF Church. >Help new migrants adapt to the Canadian Cultures. >Conduct sessions to visitors who are interested to know Jesus Christ "Five Assurance of Salvation; Visitors who recently accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour "I Have Been Born Again" at BCF Church. >Conduct Training to Women's Group "Power to Change"; Praise & Worship Group "Purpose Driven Life"; and Men's Group "100 Bible Lessons". >Hold Movie Night (on Morals and Christian Values) on the last Saturdays during at BCF Church (Fall Season only). >Hold regular monthly BCF church meeting on 3rd Sundays every month for Minutes of the meeting. Treasurer and Group Reports (Men, Women, Young People & Kids Ministry) at BCF Ch...

>Hold Sunrise Service Good Sunday >Hold Vigil night on New Year's eve. >Hold BBQ day on Labour Day at BCF Church. >Conduct teenager fellowship on Sundays at BCF Church.