Bender Hamlet Colony Foundation Inc
Winnipeg, MB

Religion and spiritualityEducation and researchInternational

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(204) 988-0438
2027 - 905 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg MB, R3P0Y3

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Public information on BH Inc in Canada & USA-communication with descedants research on history of Bender Hamlet(BH)-Education people about religious practies history and dancing at religion, holidays & other historical occasions that were part of ongoing & religious life at BH

If funding is found new programs would include 1)bus tours 2)expand existing programs by retaining independent contractors, agents & volunteers to carry out ongoing programs & expand reach 3)visit in Canada, USA, Europe & Israel to determent history can be researched & education disseminated flor it programs can be viably under taken in any of those regions.