Bellis Society Of Missions
Bellis, AB

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Po Box 102, Bellis AB, T0A0J0

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Haiti: Hope Orphanage-food, clothing, small subsidy for 2 teachers, a cleaning woman, & cook. Ongoing rebuilding after the earthquake, vehicle mainteance, (new motor). A committee of 5 men overseeing the Orphanage (all volunteers). Hired extra teachers to bring the children up to age level. Haiti - "Beehive International" assisted in building access road to site of training center, Society member volunteered 5 weeks working on the project. India: Maintain 2 Orphanages, 11 large central Churches, 200 village (mud & thatch) Churches, which help supply food, clothes & medical help to widows, vulnerable women, children, & orphans. Provided a well and water stations during the dry season. Relief during storms, floods, fires, etc. There are 4 sponsored Agents/Pastors covering this work, labour is suppliedby volunteers. Africa: Assist the Bawku Tech./Voc. Training Institute & t he Bawku Church in farming activities, care for aged widows, orphans, disabled , hospital outreaches, & maintain 6 community schools. There is 1 sponsored Agent/Pastor, labor supplies by volunteers. Canada: Administration & fund raising for Bellis Society of Mission under the Gov. Act for Non-profit Charitable Organization is provided by volunteers who also do the hospital visitation, Senior Pastoral Services, summer camps, & maintain the Bellis Mission Church.

Haiti: Farm co-operative/training center with "Beehive International". India: Strategic wells in rural Karapa, AP area, serious water shortage duringsummer season. Rebuild collapsed Church Buildings at Paranki, AP. Also e xtend "Life Center" Church at Munjavaram, AP. Ghana: Well, pump and plumbing for the school dorms, school, & church and to make water available to the surrounding village of 2,000 souls. Transportation a motor bike for the school. Canada: Help to support publication and media targeting Canada's youth that address today's challenges in Alberta's Northeast. Also additional programs for seniors in Lodges, and supportive Living Centers.