Charitable Organization

Beachburg Pastoral Charge

Beachburg, ON

Outreach and welfareReligion and spirituality

Provide wkly worship services in 2 churches & Sunday school Communion as part of worship service 5 times a year. Perform baptism, confirmation, wedding & funerals services as required. Provide worship & communion for 2 local long-term care facilities as well as visitation. Support young people and womens groups, Provide space for Toy Bus for children to enjoy each week, as well as an Art class for adults. Provide space for meetings & gatherings in community. Support UC Mission & service fund as well as other UC projects as well as desaster relief around the world as needed. Support 2 local church camps to send underprivileged children to camp, as well as funding some renovations for the camp, and supplies needed to run summer camp. Entertain residents in 2 nursing homes for special occasions / music. Provide pastoral care to elderly, shut-ins & families in crisis, sickness or grieving. Distribute money from Good Samaritan Fund to families in need at Christmas or experiencing other crisis throughout the year. Purchase X-Mas gifts & dinner food for the needy family thru the local food bank. Support 2 local food banks, women's shelter. Host toonie BBQ & Spaghetti supper as outreach in the community Also host other church suppers & community soup days thru the winter Organize musical concert for charities.

Program areas

Description% of emphasis
Places of worship, etc.100

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