BCCDC Foundation For Population And Public Health
Vancouver, BC

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Contact: Kim Acedo
655 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5Z4R4

The BCCDC Foundation works in partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control to inspire vision and philanthropy to protect and promote health, prevent harm, and prepare for threats. Because we work in partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control, your gift will fund some of the most innovative and boundary-pushing solutions to ongoing health issues like vaccination rates, antimicrobial resistant bugs, the overdose crisis, environmental health impacts, and more. By supporting programs that focus on health first, we’re able to address health issues at their root and use prevention as a solution. We support projects that advance and define what the 'state of the art' is; we fund work that identifies the margin of excellence; and we invest in accelerating an understanding and adoption of new vaccines, technologies, and programs that improve the overall health of British Columbia. Join us in protecting your health, the health of your community, and the health of our province today.