Bc Wheelchair Basketball Society
Vancouver, BC

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Contact: Sian Blyth
(604) 333-3530
780 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver BC, V6P5Y7

BC Wheelchair Basketball Society (BCWBS) is a dynamic organization actively committed to promoting opportunities for participation, recreation, competition, and excellence in the sport of wheelchair basketball in BC.
Wheelchair basketball is as an integrated activity for all who wish to participate - for people with a physical disability as well as those who are able bodied, it's a sport for all!
We provide opportunities for all levels of participation including developmental, recreational, competitive and elite.
We have programs across regions in BC that include: Juniors and Adults, both recreational and competitive.
Coaching and officials development. Schools Program
Wheel Chair Loan Program
The Let's Play program -Giving every child under 10 with a physical disability an active start. It's an innovative physical literacy program that focuses on fun and play!