Bach Elgar Choral Society
Hamilton, ON

Community developmentArts and cultureEducation and research

Charity information

(905) 527-5995
86 Homewood Ave, Hamilton ON, L8P2M4

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The Bach-Elgar Choral Society is a community based amateur symphonic choir with a mission to present large scale choral repetoires in Hamilton, Ontairo using local/Canadian talent. It performs 3-4 concerts annually for which professional soloists and musicians are hired to accompany the Bach-Elgar choir for which tickets are sold. They additionally support the community by singing for no fee at various community and charitable events. Ticket revenue, fund raising, sponsorships and donations enable the choir to carry out these activities. The choral society conducts an annual community/choral workshop. It also offers a choral scholarship to young singers (18-24) to promote their continued interest in choral music. This is a juried process requiring an applicant to audition and be professional recommended