B.C. Muslim Association
Richmond, BC

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Charity information

(604) 270-2522
12300 Blundell Rd, Richmond BC, V6W1B3

1. Operation to two Elementary and Pre-School with Religious Education
2. Operation of Mosque (Masjid) and Islamic Centres for daily prayers, religious functions and youth activities
3. Provide Youth, Outreach and Councelling programs for families and seniors as well as other cultural and social activities
4. Provide financial assistance (benevolent) food bank, clothing etc to poor and needy families
5. Provide burial and funeral services to Muslim Community
6. Provide computer services, health/kitchen and seniors program to new immigrants and seniors
7. Provide extra curricular programs/activities such as after school, weekend school, summer, winter and spring breaks
8. Provide professional services to correctional Centres through Service Canada
9. Provide youth activities (soccer, ball hockey, ice hockey, basket ball and camping) in B.C.