Charitable Organization

Avian Welfare Canada Inc.

Winnipeg, MB

Outreach and welfareEducation and research

Mentorship/Education: Consultation & outreach regarding all areas of parrot care by phone, email, in person and public venues. Adoption: Assess suitability of human applicants; provide education and support before, during and after placement. Surrender: Intake assessment of individual birds: Include behavioral, medical, nutritional and environmental components. Implement and evaluate individual care plans to restore bird to its full potential. Sanctuary: Provide permanent foster to birds not suitable for re-homing due to physical/behavioral issues resistant to treatment as determined by the board of directors. Foster: Assess suitable homes for birds awaiting placement. Provide foster home with education and support ongoing. Volunteer: Facilitate public support to maintain our programs. Donation: Solicit funding from the public and private sector to support existing programs.


Program areas

Description% of emphasis
Welfare of domestic animals100

*% of emphasis is reported by the charity and does not necessarily reflect money spent.

Revenue and expenses