Atn Access For Persons With Disabilities Inc.
London, ON

Outreach and welfareEducation and research

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(519) 433-7950
141 Dundas Street, Suite 504, London ON, N6A1G3

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1) Introductory Computer - basic keyboarding, Word and email 2) Skills Training for Employment - 15 weeks in class training in keyboarding, math, english, job search and life skills followed by a ten week unpaid placement with an employer 3) Job search assistance 4) Access Device training (hardware and software): includes customized programs on a fee for service basis (fully accessible); also provides services to seniors in using technology 5) Learning disability assessments 6) E-Lab online learning 7) Literacy upgrading 8) Children's summer computer camp for children with learning barriers 9) Youth program to give youth with barriers employment skills training and placement opportunities 10) Labour market planning and partnership development activities 11) ATN opened their social enterprise, the Old East Village Grocery on September 9, 2016. The endeavor will allow ATN to use the grocery store, not only as a means of supplying the area with fresh, affordable produce and grocery items, but as a training model for their clients who are interested in pursuing a job in the grocery store, retail, and/or customer service environment. Individuals will utilize the skills they've learned in ATN's retail training program to hone those skills in a hands-on environment. It is the Board's intent that the operation be self-sustaining.