Charitable Organization

Association Avante

Bedford, QC

Education and researchArts and culture

Offer monthly thematic workshops, coffee breaks & information sessions Host weekly evening activities Provide cultural outings - visits to museums, theatres, etc Hold collective action events: International Women's Day, white ribbon campaign, etc Offer free transportation & daycare for women to attend activities at the centre Provide accompaniment & crisis intervention Maintain partnerships with other community organizations Maintain "Girl's World" program with Butler Elementary School Offer individual counselling services Maintain a bi-monthly outreachand counselling service in Knowlton Brin g back traditions - quilting and sewing circles Crocheting for beginners, hosted by members to encourage leadership Maintain Soup Café free for women in the community. Maintaina 6-week Bipolar Challenge Program for family me mbers MaintainZootherapy in collaboration with LePhare MaintainAnglophone Outreach to young women and mothers Creating programs & activities

Collaborate with Maison de la Famille des Frontières to offer classes in English Host 7 Confidence Building sessions Create movie/vidéo demystifying women centres Survey Sutton women to see what we can offer for programming Host meet & greets in Knownlton Host 4 Stree Management classes in Knowlton

Program areas

Description% of emphasis
Low-income services10
Health promotion & protection10

*% of emphasis is reported by the charity and does not necessarily reflect money spent.

Revenue and expenses