Art Of Living Foundation/Fondation L'art De Vivre
St-Mathieu Du Parc, QC

Arts and cultureReligion and spiritualityEducation and research

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13 Chemin De L'infinite, St-Mathieu Du Parc QC, G0X1N0

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1- We provided educational programs for the general public including instruction in yoga, meditation, and tools and techniques for spiritual, mental and physical well-being. We offered these programs in major cities across Canada. 2. We operated on a year-round retreat centre (the Art of Living Centre) in St-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec, where a variety of educational activities took place on a regular basis. These included: Art of Living courses; yoga instruction, Ayurvedic health retreats and training programs, Sahaj Samadhi mediation instruction, Art of Living teacher training courses, Art Excel courses for yout (All 'Round Training in Excellence) and daily satsangs. (...) 3.We held weekly satsangs in major cities across Canada, organized by volunteers. 4.We provided free schooling, food, periodic medical, dental care to poor village children in India through our Care For Children Program. 5.We helped to strengthen rural communities in India through our 5H program (Health, Hygiene, Homes, Human Values, and Harmony in Diversity), providing improved sanitation facilities, tree-planting programs, and educational programs.