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With the Art Gallery of Mississauga's (AGM) continued commitment to the First NEW NEXT communities, the exhibitions and programmes are increasingly being aligned with the vision and mission. 2017 has been a memorable year for the AGM. We had much to celebrate as we reached the Gallery's 31st anniversary. We focused on three areas aligned with our Strategic Plan priorities: to engage communities by establishing sustainable art-focused relationships: to connect experiences by consistently demonstrating the social value of the art experience and by ensuring varied conduits of access to our programmes and to be constantly accessing our institutions relevance in relation to the diverse and underserved communities we serve. We engaged with local community, national and global audiences to discover new art, artists and ideas, as a means of deepening connections and heightening relevancy. The Gallery presented over 22 exhibitions and engagement projects, had one of the highest attendance years to date, increased engagement with our LGBTQ communities, and developed multilingual and multidisciplinary collaborative projects.

The AGM spent 2017 presenting and growing our powerful, engaging, and accessible exhibitions and programs, reaching out to guest curators, new partners and constituent communities as part of our continued commitment to reflecting a diversity of voice within our relevant, responsive and world-class work. The AGM's programming thematic of 2017 - Artist as Interpreter - formed the connecting thread through a year of powerful exhibitions featuring work by Canadian and International artists both emerging and established. Moreover, our fresh and relationally inclusive public engagement programs inspired audiences and engaged visitors through activities that ranged from multidisciplinary and interactive studios, artmaking workshops, panel discussions, artist and curator talks, and other gallery activities. The AGM's commitment to our Queer and Trans communities in Mississauga saw us revisiting our scheduling of the successful On the Queer Screen event. We continued to experiment with new ways to encourage learning by positioning ourselves as a center for rigorous discussion and storytelling, with the AGM's Tot spot continuing to be a big hit with our tiny neighbours at the City Daycare, visiting us regularly and enthusiastically for a robust roster of multidisciplinayr storytellers.