The Anglican Mission In Canada
Nanaimo, BC

Religion and spirituality

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Contact: David De Jong
Box 1242, Port Alberni BC, V9Y7M1

The Anglican Mission In Canada is a missionary movement focused on raising up vibrant and authentic Christians through organic congregations and a lifestyle of Christ-likeness. Through discipling, evangelizing and church planting, theAM in Canada empowers a fresh expression of Anglicans across Canada who are devoted daily to their journey in Christ and expressing their faith in the living out of the Great Commission. During the fiscal year, theAM in Canada had 11 congregations located in BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick.

TheAM in Canada also provides its clergy with training, fellowship and pastoral care and helps its congregations to grow spiritually and numerically by providing a pattern of coaching to its clergy, senior lay leaders and parishioners, as well as several conferences for clergy and lay leaders to equip them for the work they do.