Ananda Marga Canada
Etobicoke, ON

Religion and spirituality

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(929) 257-8099
110 - 1 Heatherdale Rd, Etobicoke ON, M8Y1S9

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Weekly Dharma Cakra (spiritual function of Ananda Marga) and seminars conducted in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Vancouver. Ananda Marga monks and nun travel and provide free instruction in yoga, mediation, and healthy lifestyle to the public. At our property in Quebec our volunteers conduct weekend spiritual retreats, classes in vegeterian cooking and organic farming. Our volunteers in Ottawa conduct free yoga and mediation classes at various community centers. Free yoga and meditation classes for the youth and university students conducted. Food distribution for the poor andhomeless in downtown Toronto (every Sunday) continued with the help of Acaryas (Ananda Marga monks) and volunteers.

Yoga and meditation classes in various community centers in Greater Toronto.Ananda Marga nun traveled to Calgary, Alberta and gave classes at communi ty centers, taught meditation and started Ananda Marga unit in Calgary. Our volunteers, members and ministers (Dadas and Didis) celebrated the Prabhata Samgilta Day in Brampton, ON with a evening cultural program in September 2017. They invited singers and dancers from various communities and d ance schools to perform the Prabhata Samgiita songs that were created by the founder of Ananda Marga, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. More than 150 people participated. Summer seminar was organized at Ananda Kanak Master Unit, the Ananda Marga property in Quebec with participation of members from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Ananda Marga Baby Naming Ceremony was conducted in Brampton, Ontario for six months old child of one of the Ananda Marga family.