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Amherst Wildlife Foundation

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The monitoring efforts of the restored Trumpeter

The monitoring efforts of the restored Trumpeter swan population in Ontario continue,with banding and re-sighting data being gathered from numerous sources by dedicated volunteers and combined into a single easily accessible database for future analysis. With the database up and running we can report that there were 579 birds sighted at 493 locations with a total of 15,748Canadian sightings and 195 US sightings. We are focusing efforts on banding fledgling swans at or near the nest location to observe the family groups as they migrate. In the past year we were able to band 116 new swans, 74 of them were cygnets, and retagged 16 for lost wing tags. Once again this year we participated in Family Day at LaSalle Park in Burlington, Ontario. This is an opportunity for the public to learn about the restoration efforts re the Trumpeter Swans in Ontario and our continuing work with the population. Our volunteers did a wonderful job educating and engaging with the public, as always. The independent report (Grant Thorton report) on the LaSalle Park Marina expansion has been completed and presented to the Burlington City Council. There are several areas of concern about the proposed project noted, but despite this Council still ordered staff to find a way to go ahead. We remain hopeful they will keep the swans in mind as they move forward.

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