Charitable Organization

Al-Ummah Heritage Centre

Toronto, ON

Religion and spirituality

(a) establishing, maintaining and conducting a place of worship and prayer (b) establishing, maintaining and operating educational programs and classes (c) establishing and maintaining programs to meet the physical and emotional needs of persons in need (d) promoting an understanding of religious knowledge among youth and adults from different faith backgrounds through community programs, forums and activities (e) conducting supervised educational, religious and spiritual activities and programs for youth (f) providing religious and spiritual counseling services to assist youth and their families to resolve family conflicts and related matters (g) developing, organizing and conducting educational classes, programs, meetings, discussions, seminars, workshops, services and conferences, as well as developing and distributing educational resources, videotapes, audiotapes, compact discs, and all other forms of media in order to demonstrate, disseminate and promote the charitable objects herein (h) establishing, owning and operating one or more resource libraries for the organization and dissemination of all types of literature, publications, videotapes, audiotapes, compact discs, and all other forms of media containing information related to the charitable objects herein

Program areas

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