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Help us grow more new and young land stewards, farmers and food lovers in Canada! Young Agrarians (YA), is a farmer2farmer resource network, that delivers programs and services year round to support the next generation of food growers. Our long term vision is to increase the number of new, viable and ecological farms.

YA is a program of Agrarians Foundation (AF), whose mission is to educate the public by providing courses, seminars, workshops, and counselling about agriculture, farming, food processing, entrepreneurship, community economic development and environmental sustainability.

Our main programs are:

1) Online resources and opportunities sharing;

2) Educational and networking events on and off farms, to overcome rural isolation and transfer knowledge;

3) Business mentorships to increase farm viability in start-up;

4) Land Matching to develop secure land access opportunities for new farm businesses to grow; and,

5) Apprenticeship training program to provide experiential learning opportunities on farms.

Impact To Date: Since beginning in 2012, YA is now the largest potential, new and young farmer network in Canada (3,200). YA has a following of 30,000, with 5,100 viewers a month to our website. YA has hosted 223 educational and networking events with 10,000 participants and 4950 volunteer hours. The B.C. YA Business Mentorship Network has facilitated 56 farm mentorships (total 87 mentees) on average increasing farm revenues by 40%, land in production by 44%, and volume of food produced by 57%. The B.C. Land Matching Program has matched 74 acres of land to 24 new farm businesses, with an additional 101 acres currently in negotiation representing 11 more new farms. The Alberta Apprenticeship Program has coordinated 25 apprenticeships on farms.

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