Agape In Action
Cambridge, ON

Community developmentInternationalOutreach and welfare

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(905) 389-5264
70 Delavan Dr, Cambridge ON, N1S4S3

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Agape in Action is a community of Christadelphian volunteers committed to supporting the physical and spiritual needs of children and families living in extreme poverty. Support to Agape in Action is provided through child sponsorship, project sponsorship and general donations. Agape in Action has been running since 2007 and is currently supporting over 2700 children in our Child Sponsorship Program and running over 40 projects in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Projects are in the areas of Education & Training, Homes & Shelters, Health & Nutrition and Water & Sanitation.

Vanuatu - Through the sponsorship program, Agape in Action provides poor children living in a remote of Tanna Island with the basics of food, education and clothing through the Kapalpal School. Namisindwa - In 2017 Agape in Action started supporting the Namisindwa school/orphanage. This home/school supports 47 orphaned or abandoned children by providing clean water, food, shelter and education on site. Ben Ziwani School - A field visit revealed a number of children meeting in a structure of sticks with only half a roof, sitting in the dirt and using a rock and charcoal as a chalk board, Agape in Action began supporting this school with a roof, toilets, benches, tables, school supplies and a nutrition drink program to help the malnutrition problem. HIV - Agape in Action provides food packages blankets, hygiene items and other essentials to individuals who are living in poverty, with the additional stigma of having HIV. The majority of those supported are widows and children. This program which runs in Western Kenya, is organized by one of our local reps in the area. Animals - Agape in Action provides families living in poverty with a goat or chickens. This provides families with milk, eggs and meat. Some milking cows are provided to our children's homes for milk which can be used by the children or sold if surplus.