Abba Ministries Of Canada - Ministère Abba Du Canada
Halifax, NS

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(902) 477-1375
2 Auburn Avenue, Halifax NS, B3R1K4

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As the central representative body of Abba Ministries of Canada,we are responsible for and support a national program of evangelism,religious education,Christian ministry and social action.We provide the Sacraments.We are unique inasmuch as our clergy are volunteers who contribute their energy,time and resources without financial reimbursement.Our member churches and clergy serve the community including families in crisis,youth,children,the disabled,the sick and elderly,people with mental health issues,people who have suffered trauma,those with addiction issues,and any person in need.Our ordaned ministers,priests,chaplains & deacons provide pastoral care and spiritual leadership to groups and individuals in informal,church and institutionalsetting.We serve in hospitals;extended care and long-term care facilities;senior residences;halfway houses;prisons;recovery groups;pregnancy centres;shelter.Our clergy provide ministry to the sick and dying;end-of-life spiritual and palliative care;pastoral counseling,spiritual guidance,mentoring toservice recipients,staff or troubled souls whereever we may find them.We seek mission fields,within Canada in urban & rural setting and overseas,that provide opportunities to offer Christian love and the Gospel message in situations of spiritual transformation.We demonstrate a very solid commitment to Jesus' program through compassionate service and a mosaic of ministries.We preach,teach,help people open up and navigate their struggles around the