Abandoned Cats Rescue
Stoney Creek, ON

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Charity information

(905) 818-6708
Po Box 99035 Rpo Heritage, Stoney Creek ON, L8J2P7

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We dedicate our time and efforts to the rescue of cats/kittens from local shelters that normally have only 72 hours to be claimed or rescued by a group like ours. If not rescued they are sadly euthanized. We also focus our attention on those cats struggling to survive outdoors-the ones that have been abandoned and neglected. Our cats are homed in loving volunteer foster homes until a "forever" home is found. A foster home will provide food and care until the cat/kitten is adopted. All adoption fees and donations go completely to assisting the cats/kittens in our care. They are vet examined, vaccinated as age appropriate, spayed/neutered and treated for any medical needs that are necessary to ensure the health of the cat/kitten. We are partner with PetSmart Charities and have access to their adoption centres in certain locations. Our volunteers also provide transportation to the vet and new foster homes. We have volunteers that participate in trap/release program for feral cats. These cats are trapped and transported to the vet where they are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and ten released back to their originallocation. The frendlier cats or kittens are taken into our program.