The Maddie Project

Shine bright. The Maddie Project ( is a community effort in support of youth struggling with depression and other mental health related concerns.

Established in memory of Madeline Grace German Coulter.

The Maddie Project's mission is to let no youth or their family suffer from depression or other mental health concerns without help.

Our goals are to:

1. Help raise awareness by sparking conversations around the topic of youth depression and mental health concerns. These conversations will reduce the stigma associated with depression and encourage youth, their friends, families and communities to put up their hand for help.

2. Help provide improved access to support and services for youth. Our goal is to work with the community to provide uninhibited access to support for youth and their families through schools, the health care system, our community services and more.

All of our fundraising goes directly to supporting youth mental health services including acute care centres at hospitals, the development of Maddie's healing garden (, walk-in clinics and other services in our community and across Canada.

Giving Groups supporting this Campaign