St. Jude School Walkathon 2022

Located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, St. Jude School first opened its doors in 1955 as a Kindergarten to Grade 7 Catholic elementary school. St. Jude School was established to serve the educational needs of the parish and neighbouring communities. Our school follows the BC Curriculum and our teaching staff is committed to supporting all students. A tour of our school would reveal teachers who care about each student and work hard to create engaging learning opportunities for each student, while providing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy as these skills are essential to student success. Our school is supportive of students with special needs and we have a strong team of Educational Assistants, a Reading Specialist, and a Learning Resource Coordinator who work to ensure all of our students are supported in achieving their learning goals. Our school also employs specialist teachers in Physical Education and Music. Students of St. Jude School receive an education that prepares them for the world they encounter. To learn more about St. Jude School please visit

This year we are fundraising money for a new scoreboard for our gym and to continue to beautify our learning spaces for our students.

Over the past years our fundraising efforts have led to numerous school improvements. We have painted the exterior of our building, installed projectors in classrooms, installed new outdoor basketball hoops, and renovated all washrooms in the school. The money from our fundraising efforts has all been used to improve the learning environment for our students.

Giving Groups supporting this Campaign