St. Jude School Walkathon 2021

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Help us raise $20 000 for our school's washroom renovations. Through the generosity of our donors we have been able to meet many of our school improvement goals. With your support and kind donation today, we are able to continue to improve the school experience for our students.

Please click on the grade of the child you are supporting (if your child's class is not shown below then please click the show more button at the bottom of the page). Once in that class' Giving Group, you can then select the "Give" button and then enter the amount you wish to contribute. You can give to more than one Giving Group if you are supporting more than one child at the school. All donations will receive a Charitable Tax receipt. Each student is trying to raise a minimum of $100 so that we can meet or surpass our goal of $20 000.

Thank you for your financial support!

Giving Groups supporting this Campaign