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Run for Palestine (RFP) is a family oriented, fun filled day in Toronto that welcomes all members of the community Participants can walk 1 km or run 5 km to raise funds for much needed humanitarian projects helping the Palestinian people.

In 2016, you successfully raised $24,250 for Palestinians in Need

In 2016, you successfully raised $24,250 which supported three different humanitarian projects: EmpowerGaza, The Blue & Pink Kindergarten and A Disabled School in the Bourj el-Barajneh Refugee Camp. We also held our most successful event to date: 1200 attendees showed their support and the funds raised supported projects in the West Bank, Gaza and the camps in Beirut, Lebanon.

Palestinians need your generosity in 2017

Impact the life of Palestinians by raising $35,000 for Palestine's Children

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Your donations will be distributed to two educational projects in Palestine.

The Recovering Well Being of Gaza Children

In 2014, the Israel-Gaza war took a heavy toll on Gaza’s children - hundreds of children were left in trauma. During the 51-day conflict, 258 schools and kindergartens were damaged, including 26 schools that are beyond repair. The Recovering Well Being of Gaza Children project is an Islamic Relief initiative that aims to provide integrated psychosocial support for the children living in Gaza. This project is a 10-year intervention program that supports 40 schools and 11 community based organizations that not only teach children but also help children to recover from the impact of conflict. Its mandate is to provide social, educational, cultural, expressional activities that are pivotal for enabling a healthy learning environment even in the midst of conflict.

Post-secondary scholarship fund in West Bank, Palestine

Support the future of high school graduates in West Bank, Palestine
With only 30% of secondary students continuing to university, Run for Palestine has found this to be a critical area to begin funding. With this number increasing on a year to year basis. The impact of giving students a post secondary education is needed in the region to continue to educate the Palestinian people in order to succeed and grow as the future generations come.

Your contributions this year will bring hope into the lives of children and families in areas that are highly exposed to conflict and will ensure the children of Gaza are educated, cared for, and protected. They will also enable young Palestinian students to pursue educational opportunities so that they are able to contribute to the growth of the Palestine!