Run for Palestine 2021

Run For Palestine is raising funds for Islamic Relief Canada Palestine Emergency Appeal to help provide immediate medical assistance and vital aid to all those affected by the violence and most in need.

Gaza is experiencing continuous nights of airstrikes and attacks, with a rapid escalation of violence. These attacks have already killed over 100 people, including children with no end in sight to the rising tensions. With your support, we can help end this pandemic equitably by providing personal protective equipment and vaccines throughout Palestine.


In 2018, you helped us raise $35,00 for ‘The Recovering Well-Being of Gaza’s Children’ initiative which was aimed at providing mental health support for Gaza’s children. Ove 1000 Canadian's participated to help Palestine’s most vulnerable build a brighter future. These funds were donated to Islamic Relief Canada, which used them to support The Recovering Wellbeing of Gaza's Children initiative.


100% of the donations are going to Islamic Relief Canada Projects, which have a history of working with disadvantaged Palestinians in Palestine, and refugees across the Middle East. All donations receive a tax donation receipt.

Islamic Relief Canada - This is a Canadian registered charity that has provided humanitarian relief in Palestine since 1994. Projects in the region have included food distribution, medical relief, and orphan sponsorship. Islamic Relief has also established educational enhancement centers, care programs for traumatized children, and a school for the deaf.

Not all wounds are visible, every donation counts

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