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#Techpong is brought to you by Chimp and Unbounce. We’re stoked to have the whole technology sector rallying behind such an awesome cause. For those who don’t know us: Chimp lets individuals, companies and charities manage and amplify their charitable impact. An online tool, Chimp empowers people to give to and fundraise for any Canadian charity from one online account. Unbounce empowers marketers to produce high-converting landing pages that enhance campaigns and maximize marketing spend. See you all at #Techpong on October 1st!

Calling all Reconers! This year Vancouver's technology sector is getting together to raise money for the downtown eastside... in an epic ping-pong tournament... known as #Techpong. We're looking to send our best. Are you ready to represent?

#TechPong is the Vancouver tech sector’s most exciting fundraiser for the Downtown Eastside. It’s ping pong with purpose -- to support charities doing valuable work in this area of our city. This is an opportunity to bring charitable giving to the (ping pong) table.

Here are a couple of fun ways we have decided to fundraise over the next couple of months:

1. Being late to meetings: for every minute we are late to team meetings... we pledge to Chimp $1 per minute we are late.

2. Chimp Friday's! Every Friday after work we usually get some competition going, either foosball or ping pong. If you play a game, put some money on it. The loser has to Chimp that amount to our campaign! (Can be weekdays after 5pm too)

3. Whoever Chimp's in the most money across our campaign gets to pick the downtown east side charity of their choice that we'll donate our collective funds raised to.

Please make some suggestions on how we can Chimp together $1000 to hit our goal, raise some cash for a great cause, and try to WIN Techpong for Recon on October 1st! Lets do this!

(Mobify and PaySavvy have already raised their dough?!)

Thanks again for supporting our team, and such an awesome cause.

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