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We are raising funds to research causes, treatments and potential cures for PSC, primary sclerosing cholangitis. Join us and show your love!

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Canada is a registered Canadian charity, affiliated with US-based nonprofit, PSC Partners Seeking a Cure. Learn more about us at Gifts made to this campaign will be eligible for a receipt for Canadian tax purposes issued by the Charitable Impact Foundation.

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Impact Since Founding of PSC Partners Canada in 2015!

Research and education grants! To researchers at UHN/Toronto General, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, University of Chicago, and University of Birmingham, UK. These projects span the spectrum from basic lab science in mouse models to investigations of human bio-samples to an international network for forward-looking research of a high-risk group of patients.

PSC Partners and PSC Partners Canada received a large number of exceptionally promising research proposals for the 2020 round of funding. The two organizations together funded a record-high 10 research grants!

PSC Partners Canada funded three research grants in 2020.

1. Evaggelia Liaskou, PhD, University of Birmingham, Exploring the metabolic profile of T cells in patients with PSC

2. Alan C. Mullen MD, PhD and Daniel S. Pratt, MD, Harvard Medical School, Creation of liver organoids from pluripotent stem cells derived from donors with primary sclerosing cholangitis

3. Joel Pekow, MD, University of Chicago, Mucosal markers to predict the onset of colonic neoplasia in inflammatory bowel disease patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis

Clinical/Research Fellowship: A PSC Partners Canada clinical/research fellow has been funded to train with the autoimmune liver experts at Toronto General Centre for Liver Disease. Along with UHN, we are investing in the next generation of committed PSC clinicians and researchers.

2019: A PSC Partners Canada research fellow has been funded to support the team at UofT, UHN Transplant, Toronto Centre for Liver Disease and SickKids in Toronto, ON who are working on defining and targeting PSC at a cellular level.

2018: The third grant is funding research that will support the establishment of an international network of researchers to study the development of recurrent-PSC in newly transplanted patients. This population provides a unique opportunity to study the development of PSC in an otherwise healthy liver and shed light on the larger question of what causes PSC.

2017: The second grant funded research that a) models the development of a type of liver cancer that is a much feared complication of PSC, and b) investigates a possible drug agent for efficacy in this mouse model.

2016: The first grant funded research that uses human bio-samples to profile differences in bile and blood from the intestine (which circulates into the liver) between PSC patients, control patients, and patients with non-PSC liver disease.

To see layperson summaries and updates of the Canadian-funded projects, visit

Any and all attention, research, and awareness to the critical unmet needs of the PSC patient is immeasurably valuable. The PSC Partners research grants play a part in making discovery to help meet these needs.

Please help us in our work to improve the quality of life for PSCers everywhere.

We are counting on your support so that we can facilitate powerful PSC research! We are together in this fight, whatever it takes!

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