Pottery24: A JustPotters Fundraiser

We do two great things at JustPotters: we satisfy our customers by making beautiful pottery and delivering excellent workshops, and we offer supportive, flexible employment for people who need it most! Through funds raised at Pottery24, we can continue to do both!

Pottery24 is the annual marathon and fundraiser for JustPotters, a social enterprise of JustWork Economic Initiative. On September 26-27, our team of potters will work with clay for 24 consecutive hours to raise awareness and financial support for the program.

Why JustWork?
Through our three social enterprises (JustPotters, JustCatering, and JustRenos), we offer employment, income, dignity, and community to those facing permanent health challenges and the reality of financial poverty. By giving to JustWork, you are ensuring more people can experience the joys and challenges of employment.

Get Involved!
There are three great ways you can help with Pottery24:

1. Team Leader:
Think you can form a group of up to 10 friends (work, church, household) that can raise $1,000 from outside the group to support Pottery24? Do it and, not only will your team enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference, but JustPotters will also give your team a free pottery team-building workshop.
How about a 2,000 goal? Do that and we will throw in dinner by JustCatering.*

The process for being a team leader is easy:
- Gather your team (up to 10 members)
- Choose a team name
- Create your Giving Group web page through Chimp
- Spread the word to reach your fundraising goal
- Enjoy a free workshop and maybe even a free dinner!

2. Individual Fundraiser:
Can’t form a team but you still want to raise money? No problem. Just create a Giving Group web page with more modest goals. You could aim to find 10 friends who would each give $24 ($1/hr) to Pottery24. Total would be $240. Not bad! Maybe you want to aim higher: $480? $720? Go for it!

Even without a team, you can still earn a free team-building workshop if you raise $1,000. We will also give you a 25% discount if you raise $240, 50% for $480, and 75% for $720. So, you and some of your friends can still enjoy some fun!

3. Donor:
If it makes more sense for you to make a donation, then please do! How about:
- $24 = one box of clay
- $240 = one week’s wage for a part-time potter
- or somewhere in-between!

The Event
The 24-hour marathon will end with an open house on Saturday, September 27th, where you can drop-in to see us at work (and even join in pottery-making fun as well!). Here are details:

Date: Saturday, September 27th
Time: 10am to 5pm
Location: Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, 1803 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Hope to see you there. Thanks for your help!

*The free pottery workshop and dinner are only applicable for funds raised, not by donations made by group members. This restriction is in accordance with CRA regulations that limit the commercial value of goods/services that can be received by a person who also receives a charitable tax receipt.

Giving Groups supporting this Campaign