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We are changemakers helping changemakers. PeaceGeeks is a Canadian non-profit group that builds technology partnerships with grassroots organizations to transform their efforts at creating lasting peace. Since the launch of PeaceGeeks in October 2011, we have successfully partnered with 20 grassroots organizations. Our partners advocate for peace and human rights in Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, Palestine and the USA. Visit our website for more information about the PeaceGeeks movement!

PeaceGeeks believes in giving everyone a voice through the power of technology. We partner with and contribute to local grassroots organizations in developing countries. To keep our momentum going we have launched our third annual fundraising campaign! Our goal is $30,000!

Why We Love the Things We Do
PeaceGeeks believes in giving everyone a voice using the power of technology. We see that there are amazing breakthroughs in peace and human rights coming from all around the world. Unfortunately, not all these great stories are given the opportunity to be shared on an international stage. That’s where we come in!

Who are We?
We’re a non-for profit organization that partners with and contributes to local grassroots organizations in developing countries to advance peace and human rights. We work with our partners to provide the technology and training they need so they can share their stories with a wider audience and create a lasting impact.

As of today, PeaceGeeks has partnered with 20 non-for profit organizations in countries worldwide, including Liberia, South Sudan, Uganda and Sierra Leone, to name a few. These partnerships have helped make a positive impact and have amplified grassroots voices on issues ranging from war-affected youth to violence against women.

Our #Heroes4Peace Campaign
To keep our momentum going we have launched our third annual fundraising campaign! Our goal for this campaign is to raise $25,000 over the next 30 days to cover the project costs of at least 12 new partnerships in 2015. To make this goal more achievable the Black Foundation has generously agreed to match all donations. That means for every one dollar you donate you make the impact of two!

How You Can Help
If you share in the belief that every story is significant and deserves to be heard please help us by donating to our funding campaign. To donate either click on the orange “Give to the Campaign” button or choose one of our Campaign Giving Groups and then click “Give to This Group”.

Share Our Campaign
Please help us spread the word and share our Heroes 4 Peace crowdfunding campaign. Through each social channel we will be releasing specific content that we created for each stream. On Facebook you can search for us under PeaceGeeks - like, follow, comment and share our posts. Our Twitter name is @PeaceGeeks - favorite, retweet or send us a mention. For LinkedIn please join our PeaceGeeks company page - like or comment on an article. Throughout the campaign we will be using #Heroes4Peace and #geekfunding. A direct link to this page is

You can be a hero too by supporting our campaign. Help us give a voice to those great stories. Share in the PeaceGeeks movement!

To find our more about PeaceGeeks, visit and join our newsletter for the latest updates.

Getting Tax Receipts
PeaceGeeks International is a registered charity, and your donation is eligible for a tax receipt. If you donate via our Chimp campaign page, Chimp will issue you a receipt right away. If you donate through other channels, PeaceGeeks International will send you a tax receipt.

Other Donation Options
If you would like to donate by wire, cheque or cryptocurrency, please click here for more information and to donate!

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