One Girl, One Kit: Kinara’s campaign for menstrual health in Tanzania

This holiday season, give the gift of life-changing menstrual supplies and education with Kinara for Youth Evolution! Help Kinara help 1,000 school girls in rural Morogoro, Tanzania confidently attend every school day with our "One Girl, One Kit" campaign.

Many girls around the world lack access to safe, clean, affordable period products, and timely and accurate education about menstrual health. The consequences are serious. Girls experience infections and unmanaged pain, stigma and shame, difficulty focusing at school and missed school days, leading to lower performance and even dropping out of school.

Kinara for Youth Evolution aims to change that in Morogoro, Tanzania, one girl at a time. Our My Days Enterprise is part of the social entrepreneurship program of Days for Girls International (DfGI), a global movement for menstrual equity which has impacted the lives of 2.5 million people with periods in 144 countries. Our Enterprise team employs our tailoring teacher and tailoring course graduates and is mentored by the North Vancouver, BC, Canada Chapter of DfGI.

The solution is the DfG Pad and Kit, washable and reusable for up to five years. Kinara's School Kit contains:
• Six absorbent liners
• Two waterproof shields, which snap securely around underwear and hold the liners in place
• One carry pouch for washing and storing
• One drawstring bag
• One instructional brochure

Receiving a School Kit means girls can change their liners at school and stay in class all day, comfortable and learning. Menstrual health education is provided to girls and boys to increase knowledge and shatter the shame and stigma associated with menstruation. The reusable kits also save money for families and reduce waste, helping to protect the environment. We produced and distributed School Kits to 370 girls in six secondary schools in Morogoro Municipality in 2022.

The need and challenges are even greater in rural areas. Our work with vulnerable children has brought us to schools in the Morogoro Rural District where we found that many girls use unhygienic fabric ripped into pieces during their periods. Sitting in the soiled fabric is too uncomfortable and they ask permission to go home. Many girls stay home because they live too far away to change, up to two hours away by foot, and feel inferior to others who have access to disposable pads. A girl can miss class for 3-7 days every month. That's two months of missed schooling every year!

For every $12 CAD, you can support one girl with an entire School Kit to manage their menstrual health for up to five years. Every dollar fundraised will help us reach our goal of reaching 1,000 girls in forms one to four (grades eight to eleven) of Bwakirachini and Mkuyuni secondary schools in Morogoro Rural District. Help us help girls reach their full potential with One Girl, One Kit!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Donate on behalf of a loved one and give the gift of health and education to a girl in Tanzania.

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