OLSWA Alumni Giving Back

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The OLSWA Alumni are organizing a Fall Fundraiser to help purchase a bus for student life activities. We want to give back to the school and this is a great way to do it. Join us in raising $15,000 in time for Homecoming on October 24, 2014!

For quite a while now, the alumni have talked about ways to give back to the school. With Homecoming 2014 approaching, we have come up with an idea: Let’s buy OLSWA a bus!

Wouldn’t we all have loved a bus to give us greater access to Ottawa, Toronto and beyond? If we all pitch in, and encourage our friends and family to do the same, we can make this a reality for the school.

The cost of a used, 23 passenger bus is $30,000. To add to the appeal, a donor has generously come forward to match donations up to $15,000. This means if we, as alumni, raise $15,000, we actually raise $30,000!

Please join us to make this campaign a huge success.

To make this more fun, we’ve set-up Giving Groups (check out the right hand column) for each entry year to the school. Find your incoming year (or the incoming year of your friend or family member) and donate!

For our alumni, friends, and family in the USA, unfortunately Chimp cannot process your credit cards. You can still give though! We've set up a site to run in conjunction with this one where you can donate (and get a tax receipt!) Here's the link:

Giving Groups supporting this Campaign