More than Movies: Building a Kootenay home for film and more

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Since 1935, people in Nelson have gathered, shared experiences, and enjoyed a wide array of cinematic and other performances at The Civic Theatre. Help us upgrade our 85-year-old venue and add cutting-edge technology, positioning us to amaze, educate and inspire for many years to come.
Since 1935, The Civic Theatre has been a place for people in Nelson to gather, share experiences, and enjoy a wide array of cinematic and other performances. Our venue has seen date nights, first kisses, birthday parties, solo outings, sold out shows, roaring laughter, terror, sadness, and tears of joy. For more than eight decades, The Civic Theatre has been a central part of what residents and visitors love about Nelson.

Single-screen theatres are not viable today. The Civic Theatre closed from 2010-2012, only re-opening through the commitment of a core of community leaders and volunteers. Our 80 year old, depression-era building is treasured by people in our community, and still delivers a warm and memorable experience to audiences. However, beyond the pressing programmatic demand to add more screens, our theatre needs major renovations, including safety upgrades, electrical improvements, more washrooms, code-compliant access for people with disabilities, and an improved gathering space. These renovations will transform our organization and our building into a huge asset for the region.

We plan to add two new digital screens within our current footprint, and vastly improve gathering and community space.The upgrade and diversification of our facility will create economic sustainability for our non-profit society, enabling a fantastic expansion of our community education and outreach programs. We will leverage our fiber optic connectivity to become a multi-purpose cultural media and educational centre. We expect significant economic spinoffs for local businesses, tourism, job skills training for youth, and revitalization of the east end of downtown.

NCTS plans to upgrade and diversify The Civic Theatre, our 10,000-sqft space housed in Nelson’s historic Civic Centre, using a phased approach. Our goals include:

1. Add two more theatres, to eliminate programming restrictions imposed upon us by distributors and to offer more space for community groups to screen films. We will use technology for group learning sessions, to converse with other communities, and to mix new films for perfect ambient sound. We will continue to host and support the events of other non-profits in our venue.

2. Renew and improve our historic theatre. Complete necessary upgrades to the space, modernize lighting and electrical equipment, and preserve historic and aesthetic elements.

3. Renovate our lobby and add an exterior concourse, for adequate exiting, code-compliant access for people with disabilities, more washrooms, an improved flow in our facility. and diverse spaces in which people can gather for a multitude of experiences.

4. Expand meeting and creative space to offer a place for community members to meet, create, learn and collaborate.

1. Make a gift to the campaign. We are grateful to all our donors for their support of our project, and every gift helps us get closer to our goals.

2. Encourage others to support our project. We welcome your social media shares, and emails to friends telling them more about More Than Movies.

3. Start a Giving Group. You can set a goal and steward the process of reaching that target. We will acknowledge and show our appreciation for Giving Group leaders who fundraise through Chimp Foundation on our behalf!

4. Tell us about ways that we can raise more money. If you would like to make an introduction for us to a company, foundation or individual who has the capacity to make a substantial contribution to our campaign, please let us know.

Thank you so much for your interest in The Civic Theatre's More Than Movies campaign! We look forward to working with you to renew this wonderful cultural facility.