ICChange | Innovative Canadians for Change

ICChange is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life and security of vulnerable populations globally through the creation of sustainable systems.

More than an organization or a network, Innovative Canadians for Change is a movement. It represents a shared vision; a way of thinking; a way of living and acting in a global community.

This “change” starts with the change in you. The change you experience as you gain an awareness of your own abilities and choose to use your time, your money, your voice, your talent, and your energy to positively impact the world. ICChange seeks to use this change to build innovative models and systems with partners in vulnerable communities. This is the kind of change that changes the world.

By curating talent from individuals and groups from around the world and connecting donors to projects they are passionate about, ICChange is able to work with these motivated, engaged, and like-minded people to address some of the most complex local and global problems.

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ICChange. Do you?

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