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About Save Your Skin Foundation Save Your Skin Foundation is a national not-for profit organization dedicated to the areas of skin cancer and skin disease with a focus on education and awareness, supporting research and ensuring equal and timely access to treatment for all Canadians. Please visit for more information. About Melanoma in Canada In its late stages, the average life expectancy for melanoma is just six months, with a one-year survival rate of only 25 percent, making metastatic melanoma one of the most aggressive forms of cancer and one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. An estimated 6,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma this year and 1,050 will die from it. Melanoma is responsible for 70 percent of deaths associated with skin cancer.

Hike for Hope: Hope for a cure; Hope for survivorship. Hike to celebrate hope for advanced melanoma survivorship, where there was little hope only 5 years ago. Join us on June 6th to raise funds for awareness and support for melanoma and other skin cancers. Fundraise, donate, share, and hike!

This year, we are raising $5,000 to change the lives of those impacted by advanced melanoma and other skin cancers.

Hike for Hope is part of a larger initiative that Save Your Skin launched in February of 2015 called 'I'm Living Proof' - celebrating melanoma survivorship.

One of the new words in the melanoma vocabulary is survivorship. It's a word that only ten years ago was hardly achievable but today is used more and more with a disease that is often considered terminal. When the Save Your Skin Foundation was created in 2006 the mission was simple: to provide a source of information and hope for patients. Today that mission has been expanded and a new chapter has been added - survivorship - through an initiative called I'm Living Proof.

As part of this program, SYSF has launched the first annual 'Hike for Hope' - a journey through nature with melanoma and skin cancer supporters from across Canada who are coming together to make a difference.

Please join us during National Sun Awareness Week on Saturday, June 6th at 4p.m. PT (Pacific Time) to Hike for Hope. This year, the hike will take place at Demonstration Forest in North Vancouver:

Not able to make it for the hike? Follow the steps below for other ways you can contribute!

How You Can Help

1. Fundraise.
Start your own fundraising page by clicking "Start a Giving Group" and help raise funds for those in need.

2. Donate.
Even the smallest amount helps those in need. Donate today.

3. Share.
Post this page and video on Facebook, Twitter or send out in an email. It all helps!

4. Hike.
Join us while we Hike for Hope in Demonstration Forest in North Vancouver.>

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