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Keeping our local food supply, and local restaurant economy alive by feeding those with the greatest need.

Our Goals:

1. Feed our most vulnerable citizens.
2. Keep our local food supply chain alive.
3. Save local restaurants, the people, and local economy they support.

How to Help

Your generous donations will have triple impact in supporting our local economy while feeding those in the greatest need. Tax receipts provided on donations of $5 or more.

The following restaurants are the founding participants in the Food Coalition. All donations raised go directly to providing meals to our most vulnerable citizens.

1. Chambar
2. Medina Café
3. Burdock & Co
4. Wildebeest
5. Fable Kitchen
6. Kissa Tanto

About the Organizers

Initiated by Chambar Restaurant, and partnering with to create a centralized posting from multiple organizations including the municipalities, the Greater Vancouver Foodbanks, and more. The purpose is to provide a transparent, efficient ordering, production and distribution of meals to those in the greatest need during COVID-19. This will provide immediate help, and create a legacy system to get food to those in need now and in the future.

The Charities we are supporting verify the meal need priority posted on Donations made here are used to pay for meals directly through the app to ensure restaurants are paid weekly for meals prepared and delivered.

For more information about the Food Coalition visit