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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can kill First Responders (firefighters, paramedics and police officers). The Fire Fit for PTSD challenge will raise funds for a pioneering program at Vancouver General Hospital. The goal is to help First Responders and their families cope with the PTSD crisis.
On May 23, 2015, 16 teams of Fire Academy Graduates competed in the first ever FireFit for PTSD Challenge. The cause supported is the First Responders’ PTSD crisis, that is taking and affecting far too many. These brave men and women are always helping others, and never ask for help, but they need it now.

The Teams

> Team White Rock Flames
> Team Lions Bay Fire
> Team VF&RS Youth Academy
> Team WCFD5
> Team B.C. 179
> Team Hamilton
> Team Nikolai
> Team Whincup
> Team Manson
> Team Roe And The Boys
> Team SmartFire

FireFit, or the Combat challenge, is the traditional Fire Fighter Fitness test, and is a display of strength and skill.

Your tax-deductible donation will support the creation of a First Responder specific PTSD Treatment Program at Vancouver General Hospital. This treatment can be accessed by all First Responders across British Columbia, and their families as well.

First Responders see every imaginable emergency, and are exposed to hundreds of traumatic incidents during a career. As a result, First Responders are many times more likely to develop PTSD than the general population, and their treatment needs are different. Despite this, there are no First Responder Specific PTSD treatment programs in place in Western Canada, and this needs to change!!!

All funds will be managed by the Vancouver Firefighter Charities who will submit these funds and more to VGH Hospital for the creation of the First Responders PTSD Treatment Program!

Select a team, donate! Your kind donation, however large, will make a big difference! Your donation will be added to many others, with the end result allowing us to create the much-needed PTSD First Responder Treatment Program. After donating, please make sure to share on Facebook, twitter, or just copy and paste the link into emails to share with friends and families.