Dementia Society of America

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The mission of Dementia Society of America® is to enhance the quality of life for those living with Dementia, their care partners, and the public at large through awareness, education, advocacy, life-enrichment programs, and recognition of outstanding Dementia care, innovation, and research.

With your support Dementia Society of America® programs help individuals and families across three critical needs: education and awareness; life-enrichment, and recognition. We offer a simple-to-use website, which is filled with meaningful information, helpful educational videos, and accurate definitions of various types and causes of Dementia. Our Dementia ANSWERS® is our one-stop resource directory for Dementia-related support services. Local resources, along with basic answers to basic questions can be provided through 1-800-DEMENTIA® or searched online. Our Ginny Gives® program underwrites grants to help promote quality-of-life, non-medical activities, including music, art, dance, movement, touch, and other life-enriching therapies and experiences, for those living with Dementia and their care partners. Our Operation KeepSafe® program provides those living with Dementia, who may elope (leave or wander) from home, with a medical ID kit and a personalized online profile to help first responders and others obtain critical life-saving information about the individual.

Our Dementia QUEST® program promotes novel Dementia research intended to help and heal those around the world and across generations. Our Dementia SMART® program highlights innovative products, services, and solutions for the Dementia community. Our Dementia CARER® award recognizes outstanding personal Dementia care provided by an individual(s) or community. You may ask, “What is Dementia?” Dementia is a syndrome and an umbrella term. It covers a broad spectrum of conditions and diseases. When two or more areas of brain function, such as memory, decision-making, behavior, or motor skills, become impaired, that may indicate a possible Dementia. It’s important to know that minor memory loss alone does not necessarily mean one has Dementia. Do you know the difference between Dementia vs Alzheimer’s? There are many forms of Dementia, and Alzhei­mer’s is considered one common cause. That said, although all conditions in­volve the brain, not all causes of Dementia are related to Alzheimer’s disease. Lastly, we encourage and teach skills to manage the risks for Dementia, as well as build a better brain at any age. What’s our number one recommendation? Stay curious!

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