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The EmPower Rangers are a team of students at Capilano University, working toward raising awareness and funds for the Take a Hike Foundation. Our goal is to engage the entire campus to become involved with our campaign in the spirit of WE Day!
Capilano University is the only University sponsor for We Day, an event designed to educate, engage and inspire today’s youth. As the exclusive post-secondary education partner for We Day Vancouver, Capilano University is taking a lead role in building community and empowering youth to take action on local and global issues. During September and October the CapU We Do Team (Empower Rangers) aims to raise $20,000 for Take a Hike and increase awareness of the organization in communities across British Columbia.

Take a Hike is a full-time alternative education program that engages at-risk youth through a unique combination of adventure-based learning, academics, therapy, and community involvement.

Not every student fits into the mainstream school system. Students in the Take a Hike program often struggle with issues that have inhibited their success in the mainstream school system such as drug and alcohol addiction, physical and mental abuse, criminal activity, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns, and/or trauma. Take a Hike provides these youth with a stable and supportive environment to work through their issues, build confidence, and improve their academic abilities and employability. In addition, communities gain from the hundreds of hours students commit to local volunteer projects.

How to Help!
Join as an ambassador! Create a fundraising page or make a donation today and check out the CapU We Do teams social media: The EmPower Rangers
All donations up to $250.00 will be matched!